Matins (a poem)

Here is one of my recent poems from
Wilderness House Literary Review 16/3.


Repeated incantations and visions:
birdsong breaking the silence of darkness,
gold and then powder blue pushing away
the purple blush of night’s fading veil…

We are blessed by hope at the horizon,
the ritual of a new day for us,
independent of us, always ongoing…

The first light of morning is a prayer
By which we consecrate our daily tasks.

  • Joseph Kleponis, WHLR, Issue 16/3, Fall 2021.

Some Good News

Some good news.

The Nevins Library in Methuen has notified me that my poetry book, Truth’s Truth, will be added to the library’s poetry collection!

So, you can wait to borrow it – or go to Amazon, Kelsay Books, or Indie Bookstores and order a copy – I mean the book could be on hold for a while at the library!!

Order a copy at Amazon or Indie Bookstores or Barnesand Noble or at anyone of the great European online stores or online stores in Australia and New Zealand.

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Truth’s Truth

There are many people to thank for helping bring my book of poetry Truth’s Truth to fruition. The editors and publisher of Kelsay Books have given me this opportunity to publish a book. Family members, particularly those who listened to early drafts, helped me. The editors of magazines, Boston Literary Magazine, Eucalypt, First Literary Review – East, Muddy River Poetry Review, and others nationally and internationally have given my poetry a boost.

Close to home the Grey Court Poets of Methuen, North Andover Poetry Corner, Frost Foundation of Lawrence, MA, and Rockport Poetry have given me time to read at open mics and encouraged me through their patient listening.

it’s great to have a book out that reflects my poetic efforts. I hope you’ll check out Truth’s Truth at Amazon or the Kelsay Books online bookstore.

Here’s the Amazon link:

Vernal Equinox

Vernal Equinox

In this moment of momentary stasis,
this instant of winter’s final retreat,
before the crescendo of day’s lengthening,
there is a tension, a torsion,
not unlike the millisecond before creation,
when pen has not yet touched paper,
when fingers have not yet intertwined,
when the electricity of possibility
has not yet formed a pulsation—
in this egalitarian twin kling,
before consummation begets contrivance,
we celebrate,
ignoring that soon we will taste the night.

                                                                                     —Joseph Kleponis

published in First Literary Review-East, March 2021